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Marble 1.4 for Windows released

August 9, 2012

To all Marble fans on Windows: Marble 1.4 for Windows is out! Get it while it’s hot from Marble’s download page or follow the link directly.

Marble 1.4 running under Wine

Marble 1.4 for Windows running under Wine. The area around Tallin is shown using the OpenStreetMap theme. Some links to Wikipedia articles are also visible.

The Marble team didn’t only focus on bug fixing and stability improvements for the 1.4 release. Marble users who still use TangoGPS for recording their tracks will appreciate that Marble can now load its tracking files directly without having to convert them to the .gpx format first. Flightgear addicts are now able to visualize the course of their flight sessions in Marble.

Marble and Flightgear

Marble showing the course of a plane from Flightgrear. Screenshot by Christian Schmitt

As a technical side note, Marble for Windows was compiled under Linux using Wine. So although it is a Windows application, it has never seen a real Windows installation! I might provide the details in another blog post if there is interest.